How Much Stuff will fit in what size storage space?


How many boxes will you need?  and what sizes are best for my stuff?

Check out our Box calculator below for a good start on estimating how many boxes you may need. See our Moving supplies section for a great selection of boxes, plastic covers, tape, and rope to make your experience easier.  

Remember, there are sizes in between those shown below. Our spaces are sized in smaller increments to offer you better value on the exact size you need. For example , if you need more than a 10 x 10 but not as much as a 10 x 15, we have 10 x 12 and 10 x 14 sizes. *This alone has shown to save our customers up to $40 a month over our competitors. Why rent a 10 x 15 when a 10 x 12 will do just fine and save you money as well? This is just  one of our Win-Win solutions.

Important Notice:  Advertised unit sizes are approximate and to be used for comparison purposes only. Shapes and wall thicknesses may cause the space to be slightly larger or smaller than indicated. Always inspect the space before renting it.


5x6 (30 sq. ft.)                                      6x10 (60 sq. ft.)                      10x10(100 sq. ft) 


   Several small boxes,                            computer,  small furniture,                clothing, toys,  sporting                      equipment.

    For businesses: 37 standard file       boxes.

Equivalent to  a                                                   Equivalent to small walk in                                     Equivalent to a small
hall closet at home                                              closet at home                                                          bedroom at home


     Several medium boxes,

     mattress,    small furniture,                clothing, toys, chairs,  sporting        equipment.

    For businesses: 88 standard file       boxes.


     Several medium and large                boxes,  mattresses, small

     furniture, sofa, computer desk,

     chairs, small appliances, & misc.


    For businesses:  over 150

    standard file  boxes.


10x16 (160 sq. ft.)                                 10x20 (200 sq. ft.)               10x32 (320 sq. ft)

Equivalent to  a                                                    Equivalent to a one                                          Equivalent to an
large bedroom at home                                       car garage at home                                          extra long  garage


        Furniture items from a

      two or three bedroom

      apartment, appliances,

      tools, garden equipment,

      boxes, bulky sporting



        For businesses:  over 250

        standard file boxes.

        Large items from a 3

      to 4 bedroom home,

      patio furniture, garage

      items, camping gear,

      small vehicle, boat, or



        For businesses:  over 350

        standard file boxes, desks

        chairs, and file cabinets.

        Large items from a 4

      to 5 bedroom home,

      patio furniture, garage

      items, camping gear,

      small vehicle, boat,

      trailer, pool table, camper

      shell, surf board, 

      parachute, dune buggy,

      car trailer.


        For businesses:  over 350

        standard file boxes, desks

        chairs, and file cabinets.

   Studio/1br  2br  3br  4br  5br
Small box
 12  17  24  30
Medium box
 5  8  12  16  20
Large box
 3  6  10  12  14
XLarge box
 2  4  5  6  7
1  1 2 3 4

How many of each size box will You need?  The chart below suggests the average number of boxes needed to hold your items. No need to buy them all at once. Start with a few, then buy more as needed. You may not need as many as you think. Visit our Moving Supplies page for all the boxes, locks, plastic covers, rope and tape we offer at very reasonable prices. And don't forget the tape!

Below* are more tips on what each size box should be used for, considering the contents weight, fragility, and how they will be stored.


Tips* on what fits Best for each size box: Remember to Label each box

        on two sides so you can see it from the aisle in your space. This will

        save a lot of frustration when searching for something you need later


Small boxes are Best for:  heavier items such as books, magazines,                                                           small knick knacks, properly protected glass


Medium boxes are  Best for:  properly protected dishes and glasses, think

                                                bubble wrap. This size is the most versatile

                                                size. Be careful to not put too many heavy

                                                items as it can get  heavy real quick.

Large boxes are Best for:  lighter, bulky items, framed pictures, etc.

Xlarge boxes are Best for: light and bulky items such as stuffed toys,                                                         pillows. lamp shades, etc.

Wardrobe boxes are best for: clothing, linen, towels, blankets, quilts,


Use the space inside your large items such as dresser drawers,

                                  entertainment center, refrigerator, to store small

                                  soft items such as towels, linens, quilts and

                                  blankets. This will save lots of space.

See our Handy Space Estimator Chart below to gauge

the best size space according to Your needs.

10 x 10

8 x 10


10 x 15