FAQ's-Frequently Asked Questions

 Q:  How do I determine the best size space

      so I don't spend more than I need to?

We take the time to consult with you and based upon your answers to a few simple questions we can, first, offer a few sizes and price suggestions, then, when you stop by, we will show you those sizes so you can visualize where items will fit best in your storage space.

We have found that this approach will usually save You, on average, around $40 per month over our competitors.  Would it be worth it to You to  invest a few minutes in order to make the wise choice?


Q:  What documentation do I need to rent a


          A valid legal ID: Drivers License,

        Passport,  Military ID

Q:  Minimum rental period?      One month.

Q: Vacate Notice?  7 days only!

Q:  Do You send out invoices?

       This is an optional service. You can 

      always call us to pay by phone with 

      your credit card securely.

Q: Do you require insurance? 

      No, we offer insurance but it is not

     required. Many times your renters,

     home owners, or business insurance   may cover

    your items when in storage.  A quick call to them

    will inform you of your coverage options.

Q: What forms of payment to you accept?*

     We accept  Checks, Cash, Money Orders,

     Traveler's checks, Visa, Mastercard, and

     Debit cards with Visa or Mastercard  logo,

     and American Express.           

    *780 mini storage accepts checks, cash, money

    orders, travelers checks  only.

 Q: Are you easy to reach if I have a


     We are always just a phone call or an

     email away

         Q:  Who is that Guy on the Trunk?

        A:      He is our Mascot, but, in essence,  He

       represents that  part of us that

       sometimes feels frustrated when we don't

       have quite enough space for all our stuff.

       Stuff  We want to keep, but don't want to keep  

       around.... because it is beginning to get in the

       way... at home in the closets, under the bed..or

       in the yard...or in the garage..and   we know

       things would be a lot less stressful with more

       room at home...in the yard..and in the garage,

       especially the garage.

       We don't  seem to have the time to organize

       it, and we know we would feel a lot better if it

       was out of sight, for now.

       He is just a regular guy who is determined to fit

       all his stuff  in the" trunk". He is not having much

       luck, though. He is starting to realize how

       heavy it is getting. He is also saying to himself,

       "there  has to be an easier way of dealing with

       my stuff."

       He is also our way of letting You know that we

       understand the challenges that can arise when

       you need to move...all the little details that are

       on your list...convincing your friends and family

       to pitch in and help...selecting what to store and

       what to take with you to your new place...we

       have all been there and done that.


       That's why our goal is to help relieve as much

       of that frustration as possible with a storage

       solution suited to Your needs.  So at least you       

       will rest assured knowing that you are  getting 

       the best value with us on your storage




These are among the most important questions to ask when choosing where and with whom to store you belongings.  We encourage You to call with any storage questions we may have overlooked.  We are happy to help.