Little things You can do that will save You time, money and frustration so You will

get the most satisfaction and value from your storage experience

TIP:  Always inspect the storage unit You are renting  

         to make sure it meets with Your satisfaction.

TIP:  Always prepare Your storage unit floor by placing

         pallets, cardboard, and/or plastic down first

TIP:  Leave a small aisle down the center of Your 

         space. This is the single biggest time save you

         will find.

                                     TIP:  Keep your lawn/garden tools in an empty garbage can. This

                                               keeps them together and keeps sharp edges away from You.

                                      TIP:  Pack all your boxes as full as possible but not over full.

                                                Half full boxes might collapse. Bulging boxes tip over when

                                                stacked. Store heavier boxes on the bottom. Label all boxes.

                                      TIP:  Avoid wrinkled clothing by using wardrobe boxes, which

                                                 allow clothing to be hung. Each of our locations have them

                                                 for sale.

                                      TIP:  Use mattress covers or drop cloths to protect from any dust.

                                      TIP:  Don't lean items against the wall of your storage unit. Also

                                               leave  a little room in front between your items and the roll up

                                               door. If items tip over and  wedge themselves against the

                                               door it will be very difficult to open the door.


<<< A good example of the proper way to stack

        a storage unit. Most everything is visible and

        easy to access.. This save You time and

        frustration when You need to find something.

wrong way to stack a storage unit

Try to avoid this scenario if possible. Imagine trying to find

something in this unit. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

     Vertical space could be better utilized.  If these items

     were properly stacked, a smaller space would easily

     suffice, saving these folks a lot of money.

  Properly stacking Your space will save you a lot of money!


     <<<<<< TRICK:  Number your Boxes and make a

                                  Corresponding List of What's in Each


<<< Not recommended!